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5 Powerful Crystals For Capricorns

December 30, 2021

Here are the 5 powerful crystals for Capricorns. These crystals are amazing and unique in their own way. Each one has an ability of its own.

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Garnet is your birth stone and its meaning is commitment and creativity. This crystal also helps with your sensitivity and enables you to feel safe and grounded which in turn gives you the space you need to explore your emotional growth. Garnet also sparks optimism, faith and hope. The best part about garnet is that it brings optimism in a way that honors reality and rationality which are two core parts of who you are.

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For those of you born in December, you may resonate more with Turquoise. It represents the Throat Chakra; the chakra of communication. Capricorns can sometimes be viewed as aggressive or a know-it-all and in turn have issues being misunderstood and accepted. Opening up your throat chakra helps with your communication and being able to speak your personal truth.

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The Moonstone promotes and encourages our calming feminine qualities. This is perfect for Capricorns since at times you can be aggressive. This stone inspires grace and tact and its absolutely beautiful. 

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This is considered the stone of prosperity so having this in your collection will help you gain better income opportunities and have growth in your finances. Isn’t that what we all want? 

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Howlite is the perfect stone to help you get out of your head. It promotes healthy emotional responses. Howlite will help you relax, slow down, concentrate and compromise. 

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These crystals are each so special. I am continuously growing my collection and consistently learning more about their unique abilities. 

Vanessa Alexandra

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