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7 Winter Boots To Get Right Now

February 7, 2022

Winter is about to be over, but let’s be honest, boots are a staple in every wardrobe and now is the perfect time to grab a new pair! I’m going to tell you the 7 trending winter boots.

get your winter boots now!

Like I said, winter may almost be gone but the love for boots is still there. Now you are probably wondering why, if the season is getting to an end, I’m telling you to get boots now, well I have one word for you: SALES! At the end of every season the need for a product goes down and the stores look for a way to get the last items out, and they start offering big discounts.

You are going to get those amazing boots you were longing to buy but didn’t because the price tag had you doubting. You are not only going to get an awesome price on trendy styles, but you are also going to have extra money in your pocket from the savings (or maybe you can get a second pair? Who knows?).

1. the combat boot

I don’t think I have to explain this one, they are always trending, no wardrobe is complete without a good pair of combat boots, they go with everything, look amazing and best of all they are comfortable, nothing can beat that.

The ones we are seeing more out there are the chunky ones, I found this great pair at H&M and couldn’t believe the price, these are going to be sold out for sure!


Currently these are the IT boots, the trends are leaning more to this style since the beginning of winter, and I personally think this look is more flattering for everybody and you can play with them to create all types of outfits.

You probably have one of these in the back of your closet, and if you don’t, how about these simple and elegant boots from Clarks?


We all know these have been around forever, this season they were falling a little bit out of grace in their typical suede material that were mostly worn in black or camel, but they made a comeback in faux leather! They look amazing and I can’t stop dreaming about them.

I couldn’t find a pair I liked until I stumble across these at Sacks Off 5th with 75% off!


This is the star of the show right now, they are everywhere, in all colors, lengths and with platforms; it is a very functional boot and can be easily dress up or down. It will give an edgy look to your outfit. In my opinion the chunkier the trendier, go for a length way above the ankle to get on the style of the moment. Here are some that caught my eye from H&M and Shein (maybe they are calling your name too).


I hate having wet feet while walking in the rain, I don’t understand people that wear mesh snickers in rainy weather (someone please explain). Now, if you are like me and would like to keep your feet dry you must get rain boots, I prefer the more stylish ones than the rubber ones, they are easier to work with and they are timeless and chic.

I got a cute low-heeled pair with zipper on the side from Shein.


Before you even tell me that you don’t hike, let me say this: it doesn’t matter! You should own a pair of good water-proof hiker boots. They are lifesaving in many aspects; you can use them in heavy rain, they look good with casual outfits, and they will be there for you when your outdoorsy friend (or crush) invites you to tag along for that hike they can’t stop talking about. Besides it is always good to connect with nature and these are the perfect fit for it. You can go for the classic one or for one with a modern twist if you prefer a more stylish look. I’m going to leave my favorites over here


There are so many beautiful snow boots to choose from, yet people keep gravitating toward the ugliest they can find, and I’m not talking about the new over-the-top statement boots that came this season, at least those are fun and interesting to look at. The thing is that you don’t have to sacrifice style over functionality, you can be prepared for icy streets or heavy snow while still rocking some cool winter boots.

Check out this one from Columbia 

If you still can’t decide which one you should get first, take your time and keep yourself warm with this delicious Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup while thinking.

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  • Diana Campano February 9, 2022 at 7:06 pm

    Me encantó el artículo! Muy útil para lograr compras de oportunidad. Me gustaron mucho las botas números 5 y 6 😃💕 perfectas y nada feas para la lluvia o salir de caminata

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