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Top 10 Face Sunscreens To Get This Summer

July 8, 2022

After waiting a long time, Summer is here! But before we jump to soak up the sun let’s review the top 10 face sunscreens to get this summer. I can’t stress enough the importance of taking care of our skin, especially our face. Sunscreens are the holy grail of skincare. During the summer we spend more time outdoors, our days are usually out in the sun so we must use sunscreen to protect the…

How To Connect With Your Inner Self

June 22, 2022

Sometimes you may not feel like yourself and wonder what is wrong with you, probably you lost clarity and need a little bit of help to find your way back. Let’s talk about different ways on how to connect with your inner self when you seem lost and confused. Probably you think there are some external factors that are making you feel stress and without peace of mind, but mostly the reason for those…

Survival Guide For A Rainy Day In NYC

May 2, 2022

This survival guide for a rainy day in NYC works for everybody and because planning is winning half the battle let me layout for you some awesome options for when you find yourself in this situation. You had a super busy week and are looking forward to the weekend ahead with enthusiasm only to find out the weather is not going to be on your side, the picture is not looking too compelling, forecast…

Trending Nail Colors For Spring 2022

April 18, 2022

Brighter days call for a pop of color, so let’s talk about the nail colors that are trending right now. Spring is here! (Not really in NYC but at least everywhere else) Meaning we are all trying to find the shades that match the vibe of the season. The easiest way to incorporate spring colors if you are taking baby steps to hop into a trend is… you guessed it! Through your nails! We…

Reading As a Daily Habit: Easy Tricks To Make It Work

March 27, 2022

Are you always wondering why don’t you read more often or how to read more? I’m going to give you some easy tricks to make reading a daily habit even if you feel you can never find the time to do it. I was very lucky because in my family reading is a big part of our lives and we all started doing it at a really young age and we had libraries full…

5 Things To Know Before You Start Taking Vitamins

March 14, 2022

I understand you want to do something good for yourself, you begin to think what else you could do to better take care of yourself and boom great idea comes to mind: vitamins! We all want to be better versions of ourselves, smarter, happier, and healthier. In this blog post, I talk about the 5 things to know before you start taking vitamins. Lately (for some reason, thank God) being healthy has become a…

7 Winter Boots To Get Right Now

February 7, 2022

Winter is about to be over, but let’s be honest, boots are a staple in every wardrobe and now is the perfect time to grab a new pair! I’m going to tell you the 7 trending winter boots. get your winter boots now! Like I said, winter may almost be gone but the love for boots is still there. Now you are probably wondering why, if the season is getting to an end, I’m…

New Year’s Skin Care Resolution

January 23, 2022

It’s the beginning of a new year and we all know what that means: *This post may contain affiliate links, which means we will earn a small commission if you purchase through our links at no extra cost to you* New opportunities, new promises, new resolutions, new you! But how about a new skin? We have always heard that the skin is the biggest organ in the human body, if that is the case…

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