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How To Connect With Your Inner Self

June 22, 2022

Sometimes you may not feel like yourself and wonder what is wrong with you, probably you lost clarity and need a little bit of help to find your way back. Let’s talk about different ways on how to connect with your inner self when you seem lost and confused.

Probably you think there are some external factors that are making you feel stress and without peace of mind, but mostly the reason for those feelings is because you lost connection with your true self, and you are letting things you can’t control take over your feelings.

Some signs to recognize you are out of tune with yourself is when you are hard with yourself, have low self-esteem, or when you are constantly doubting yourself, following an unhealthy lifestyle and your anxiety is off the charts.

Why is it so important to stay connected to your inner self? When you know yourself well, you will feel at peace, it will help you make the right choices to stay in your true path, and you’ll put yourself first instead of putting someone else’s needs first. All of that will lead to a mental state of fulfillment, inner joy and tranquility that will put you closer to create the life you deserve.

So, if you want to find the way back to yourself, here are some tips on how to connect with yourself again:


Love yourself, talk to you with affection and stop being critical. Nobody is perfect, pay attention to the qualities that you have that make you unique and special. Think about all the good things that make you how you are.

If this is hard for you go and read How to Improve Your Self-Esteem and Become a More Confident Person to know where to start.


Notice your feelings and the sensations in your body, your state of mind. Become aware of your emotions and use your breath to bring your attention to the present moment, here and now. Do a mental check of how you feel and try to figure out what is your body trying to tell you.


Go outside! Surround yourself with the amazing things nature has to offer. Go for a walk, see a sunset, feel the breeze, admire a tree. Take yourself to places where you can get the feeling of a peaceful environment and bring your mind to a quiet state.


Start to put your needs and wants first. Do what moves you, what really fills you with joy and set healthy boundaries for others. Choose what is right for you, listen to yourself and don’t let others dictate how your life should be.


Spending time alone can be very beneficial. Try to stay away from your electronic devices and dedicate a moment to listen to your feelings, thoughts, and emotions. You can use your alone time to mediate, or journaling which can help you to reconnect with your inner self.


We all know laugh is the best medicine! When you do what you love, you create happiness! And that is a powerful mood booster, therefore is going to make you connect with your inner self again.


Once you begin to connect with your inner self, you will recognize who you really are. That will open the path to start owning your life so you can create and live the life that is good for you.

Diana Pacheco Campano

Hi there! My name is Diana, I'm a Venezuelan living in New York. I'm a doctor and I have a curious mind and a passion for writing. If you are interested in beauty, fashion, life as an immigrant and how to enjoy life with a positive vibe, my guess is we are going to have fun! Let's grow together!

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