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New Year’s Skin Care Resolution

January 23, 2022

It’s the beginning of a new year and we all know what that means:

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New opportunities, new promises, new resolutions, new you! But how about a new skin? We have always heard that the skin is the biggest organ in the human body, if that is the case then taking care of it should be a priority, however many of us don’t do it correctly or don’t take this seriously enough.

Your skin is your presentation card, if you want your future self to be thankful in the years to come the time to start putting some effort is now, many people think they’re too young to begin worrying about skin care and I think that’s a mistake.

If you have never had skin problems, you’re one of the lucky ones; for the rest of us is a different story. During our lifetime we struggle with different concerns, could it be acne, freckles, redness, you name it; because we want perfect skin NOW, so we tackle them as they come up.

Those are the ones that bother us the most when we are young, and we easily overlook premature aging that comes with fines wrinkles and loss of elasticity because we think that scenario is too far away.

skin problems

Let’s say you’re new at this and it takes a lot of effort, I’m going to simplify it for you, this is skin care for dummies, no expensive products (we could discuss those later), no 10-step skincare routine, no devices. You only need to do 2 things:

Remove your makeup and wear sunscreen, that’s it.

You’re probably thinking it can’t be that easy, believe me if I can do it you can too, I was the laziest person when it came to taking care of my skin, I’ve also spent too many years committing the worst skincare sins in the universe: going to bed with a full face of makeup and putting oil on my face when I went to the beach to get a tan (yeah, I did put baby oil in my face while out in the sun, a big no-no).


Like all the good things in life you won’t see the difference overnight, consistency is key, and you only need to do 2 things, how hard can it be? It will take 5 minutes of your busy 24-hour day, every morning before going out, put sunscreen on (you can try this one EltaMD), and later when you come home remove your makeup. After doing this all the time we can build up from here and start adding other steps, but we got to start somewhere,

There is always makeup and social media filters to make you look flawless, but I believe you should give yourself the chance to feel happy on your own skin, it’s a new level of confidence.

You’ve made all these New Year’s resolutions, I know is tough, there are so many, and you want to make it work, but if you’re going to keep only one resolution let it be this one at least, take care of your skin!

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  • Diana Campano February 9, 2022 at 2:14 pm

    Excelentes consejos 😄 que la flojera no nos venza para retirar el maquillaje al final del día y a protejernos de los besos del sol, que aunque cálidos son peligrosos y sobretodo para las personas muy blancas.

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