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Survival Guide For A Rainy Day In NYC

May 2, 2022

This survival guide for a rainy day in NYC works for everybody and because planning is winning half the battle let me layout for you some awesome options for when you find yourself in this situation.

You had a super busy week and are looking forward to the weekend ahead with enthusiasm only to find out the weather is not going to be on your side, the picture is not looking too compelling, forecast is raining all day. Or worst, you booked a flight to NYC, and you don’t want to be trapped inside and you want to know the city.

If you are a local you start debating between staying home curled in bed with your favorite book or catch up to the Netflix show of the moment, but you know it will do good for your mood to step outside your apartment for a change in scenery. And if you are only visiting, you need to go out there!! You made all those plans for this trip, and you shouldn’t let the weather ruin it, the question is: Where to go in New York city on a rainy day?

There are some amazing options to choose from and avoid getting soaking wet in the city, depending on your preferences, I am going to give you several places that will guarantee your day will get brighter even if there are dark clouds outside.

So, bring your umbrella and let’s get going


NYC is full of all kinds of museums, and these are excellent places to go when it’s rainy outside. My favorites are The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the MoMA, and the Guggenheim. If you are looking for something different you can try the Museum of Sex, the Museum of Ice Cream or The Intrepid Museum.



Another great option when the weather is not on your side in NYC is going shopping. You can go to the Oculus, that is in the World Trade Center area, to enjoy its sleek design and take advantage of the underground passage that connects it to the Brookfield Place, another mall by the Hudson river. If the rain caught you around 59th street, go check The Shops at Columbus Circle, I love the floor-to-ceiling windows at the main entrance from where you can watch the heavily traffic intersection. Between Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen, you have Hudson Yards where you can find luxury stores and have a view of The Vessel.



When it’s pouring on the streets you can explore the inside of beautiful NYC landmarks like Grand Central Terminal and have a look at the famous four-sided brass clock and the iconic constellation mural; The New York City Public Library with paintings on the ceiling resembling clear blue skies, or New York Penn Station, the busiest train station in North America.



For those of you who loved food and can never decide what to eat, a rainy day is the perfect excuse for visiting food markets. Most people know about Chelsea Market, there you will find all types of different foods, if you are craving Spanish cuisine head to Mercado Little Spain. TimeOut Market is very well located in Dumbo, and if you’re lucky and the rain stops you get a great view of the Manhattan skyline. But in my opinion the best of all is Eataly, there are two, one in Downtown and one in the Flatiron District, both huge and let’s be honest, there’s nothing better than a warm slice of pizza or a hot pasta dish when is raining.


If you are just visiting the city and storms are threatening your plans, your best option is to catch a Broadway show; there are plenty to choose from, the most popular right now are The Lion King, Aladdin, and Chicago. If you are a local and don’t fell like going to the theater, try an Escape Room, go Bowling (this one in Williamsburg has a great vibe), or sing the rain away at a Karaoke in K-Town.


With so many options it is hard to pick just one, but let me know, which would be the perfect plan for you on a rainy day? But no matter the weather, you still get to enjoy New York! If what you want is to escape to a sunny destination, then you should read 10 Best Spring Break Vacation Destinations to help you decide your next trip.

Diana Pacheco Campano

Hi there! My name is Diana, I'm a Venezuelan living in New York. I'm a doctor and I have a curious mind and a passion for writing. If you are interested in beauty, fashion, life as an immigrant and how to enjoy life with a positive vibe, my guess is we are going to have fun! Let's grow together!

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