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The Ultimate Guide to Crystals for Confidence and Anxiety

June 24, 2022

Crystals are incredibly helpful tools when it comes to all sorts of common problems or energy imbalances that we face as humans. They can even help you with cleansing out anxiety and attracting confidence. It’s important to know what properties your crystals hold so you can use the best ones to heal yourself and your energy. Continue reading to discover eleven of the best crystals for confidence and anxiety.

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Garnet is a deep red stone that is one of the best crystals for enhancing confidence. This beautiful stone helps you to let go of unhealthy patterns that might be holding you back, such as self-doubt. To ease anxiety and bring yourself a sense of peace, carry a garnet stone with you at all times. Garnet can also help to balance out your sex drive, helping you feel more confident and self-assured.


Rhodonite is a powerful stone that stands out for its ability to reduce and eliminate anxiety. This gorgeous, pinkish-red crystal will help you to overcome your fears and release things that are no longer serving you. Rhodonite can also aid in bringing order to feelings of panic which will help you feel calmer and more secure. If you are looking to clear out any emotional wounds or scarring from the past, rhodonite is the perfect crystal to carry along with you throughout your healing journey.


This icy blue stone can help bring a creative boost into your life. It is said that sodalite helps to grow your sense of self-worth and self-esteem. Sodalite also helps you make some bold moves and kiss people-pleasing habits goodbye. This is one of the most powerful stones when it comes to boosting your confidence.


This captivating, deep purple stone has astounding protective, healing, and purifying qualities. This can help to clear out anxious thoughts or negativity from your life. Amethyst is one of the most effective crystals when it comes to relieving anxiety. That’s because it simultaneously dismisses negative energy while attracting calming, positive vibes. Amethyst even has the ability to settle a racing mind before bed and can be the perfect solution for those who struggle with nightmares, insomnia, or a busy mind.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a powerful stone that has grounding properties and aims to keep you connected to your roots. This stone’s black color along with its dimensional shape captivates all who carry it with them. It features strong healing and protecting properties and is effective in boosting your sense of confidence and inner power. Anyone who is looking to guard their positive energy and protect themselves from negativity from others should carry black tourmaline with them.


This crystal holds incredible healing properties for feminine energy, hence the name, moonstone. Its appearance stands out for its hypnotic, blue and white adularescence that mimics the glow of the moonlight. Moonstone supports fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood. It can be used to help you connect with your feminine side and balance out female hormones. This crystal is the perfect option to keep close by throughout transitions and new beginnings because it encourages us to seek inner strength and growth. Keeping a moonstone at your side will release any feelings of fear or stress that you might experience so that you can move forward into positivity.


This deep green colored stone is commonly known to bring good luck to whoever holds it. However, there are even more incredible benefits to having a jade stone around. Jade has the ability to bring confidence and clarity into your life as well as help you recognize if you’re holding yourself back with some limiting beliefs. By keeping jade stones nearby, you will be able to break through your personal barriers and achieve the life of your dreams.


The gorgeous golden gemstone known as citrine has some amazing properties when it comes to soothing anxiety and enhancing your sense of self-confidence. Citrine helps spark a little optimism in you throughout every aspect of your life. It will bring you guidance and empower you to swap out any doubt or worry with warmth, positivity, and clarity. This stone will help you remain motivated when things get tough. It is also believed that this stone can aid in the release of tension and anxiety from your body, mind, and emotions.


This captivating crystal is believed to be sent to us straight from the heavens. It is said that celestite can help you tap into the divine frequencies and connect with your guardian angels. It also has the ability to relieve stress, anxiety, and mildly obsessive behaviors. This grey-blue stone is perfect to carry around to alleviate stage fright, nervousness, fears of crowds, or shyness throughout your day. Celestite will bring you harmony, balance, and protection along your journey to help you unlock a sense of inner peace.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is commonly used as a method of keeping in touch with your higher self. It is a powerful healing stone that can open up lines of communication between you and your spirit guides. Another amazing property of clear quartz is that it amplifies the healing abilities of any stone that it is placed next to. However, the healing powers of this crystal can shine on their own as well. Clear Quartz is known to help people strengthen their intentions and build a strong trust in their own intuition.

Rose Quartz

With its rosy, pink hues that captivate all who set eyes on it, this is the ultimate crystal to support you on your journey to self-love. Rose Quartz is said to enhance feelings of love, creativity, and inspiration. If you’re feeling anxious or stressed out, rose quartz is here to remind you to love yourself at every stage in your journey. Keep some rose quartz where you can conveniently see it during self-care rituals and other daily routines. That way you will remember to always honor, respect, and trust yourself which can help you remain flexible and open-minded when challenges arise.

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