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Top 10 Self-Care Tips To Look And Feel Your Best

August 3, 2022

You’ve probably heard of many different tips on how to care for yourself, from taking a bath with relaxing bath salts, to getting massages and going for a spa day, to even simply doing nothing at home. There are so many varied and contradicting tips and advice out there, it’s hard to choose the right ones for you. Not to mention, there are those that are simply too expensive! Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Here are our top 10 self-care tips to help you look and feel your best. And they’re affordable! 

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1. Mindfulness & Meditation

For many people, meditation can be very boring. After all, you’re just sitting in a room, focusing on your breath, and not doing anything remotely active. Admittedly, it can be challenging, but if you use that quiet time, to listen to relaxing ambient noises and to focus on something, like a mantra, you might find yourself slowly feeling less stressed and tense. Not only that, but you don’t have to spend too long, in your meditation sessions. Sometimes 20 minutes, even 10 minutes will work wonders.

2. Go For A Walk

One of the best ways to help you feel your best is to go for a walk, at least once a week. Even a 10-minute walk can help lower your stress and help you feel good. After all, as you’re spending time outside, and being active, you’ll feel better about yourself, because you spent that time moving about, and appreciating your surroundings. You can even incorporate your meditation sessions into your walk. So, this is perfect for those who find it uncomfortable to sit still and focus on breathwork. 

3. Take Time For Tea

It’s no secret that tea is good for you, and there are a plethora of teas that are both healthy and delicious. You don’t need to stick to regular black teas or iced teas that require a lot of sugar. There are so many different flavors that can help with a wide range of health conditions, from heart health to cancer. So, if you want to feel like you’re helping your body, take some time to drink tea. 

4. Take Up A Therapeutic Craft

We all have hobbies, some are more creative than others, but at least we can spend some time away from work, to be in the moment with our crafts. Taking up a craft like knitting, baking, drawing, calligraphy, or even woodworking, can help take your mind off any stresses that you might have from work, or other situations in your life. Not only that, but once you’re done, you have something that you can either use, decorate your home with, or even sell to other people. 

5. Use Daily Affirmations

One of the laws of the universe is the Law of Attraction. If you believe you can do something, it will happen, and that is the concept behind daily affirmations. By repeatedly telling yourself that you can do something, or something will occur to you, then more likely than not, it will happen. By practicing daily affirmations, you’ll be able to attract good things in your life, like looking younger to others or attracting a new love in your life, or even a new promotion.

6. At Home Spa Treatments

This doesn’t mean hire a masseuse or pay for expensive machines. At-home spa treatments can mean getting your partner, family member, or friend to give you a massage, even if it’s just a head neck, and shoulder massage. Or buying a clay mask, slathering it on your face, and washing it off once it’s dried. It can even mean taking a nice, long, bath, filled with bath salts, bubbles, or flower petals. It means spending one day for yourself, to take care of yourself, and doing it in the comfort of your own home.

7. Spend Some Time In Nature

Nature is one of the most important aspects of our lives. After all, humans once lived amongst the trees of a forest, before we learned to build cities. It’s always best to return to our old habitat, and commune with nature. In fact, a hike or a walk in a local forest will help you feel more alive and motivated, and if you don’t have access to one, then maybe your local park. It should help you feel like you’re better able to do anything, and the stress that everyday life comes with should melt away.

8. Make A Journal

Every genius once kept a journal, if not a book of notes and thoughts. A journal is one of the best ways to help you feel less burdened. In fact, it’s a great substitute for those days when you might not have someone to talk to. It’s also a great way to write out the thoughts that you may not be comfortable sharing with anyone. Not only that, but you can even use it for daily affirmation and gratitude statements.

9. Read A Good Book

While so many websites can recommend “good books”, you should read a book that you classify as good. Are you into fantasy books? Read fantasy books. Interested in the classics? Read the classics. Reading a book is a great way to unwind and relax or feel motivated and inspired. After all, every book is different. You might be into motivational books, which will help you feel more motivated to do something that you’ve always wanted to do.

10. Spend Time With Your Family And Friends

One of the best ways we can feel our best is by making good memories with our family and friends. Spend some time, just being with them, talk, eat, drink, do whatever it is you all find fun, and just enjoy the moment. You’ll be glowing by the end of the day, and all because you’ve made some good memories with your family and friends. You don’t need to have a special occasion just to hang out. 

Sometimes, you can have a good brunch with your friends, or have a barbecue with your family. Whatever it is, spend some quality time with them, and you’ll soon feel energized and motivated, to do your best in anything.

Vanessa Alexandra

I am Vanessa and I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur. I have navigated everything from a career in corporate America to my own mental health journey and more. You might be asking yourself why in the cosmos did I create this blog? Well, I created this blog because I too was struggling with finding purpose and fulfillment in my life. I had all these great things happening to me but I always felt like something was missing. It wasn't enough to just have a great career or make a lot of money. It was not until I learned the art of self-care and the absolute necessity to expand my spirituality that I really started to feel that true sense of fulfillment and purpose. I am here to encourage you and reassure you that there are so many tools out there that can help you shift your life in a positive way. Thank you for joining our community! I look forward to helping you gather the necessary tools to transform your life.

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