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Top 19 Binge-Worthy Shows You Must Watch

June 10, 2021

Are you wondering which binge-worthy shows are trending that you must watch now? Here are the top 19 binge-worthy TV shows you must watch. We’re obsessed with them. These are all conveniently Netflix shows except The Bold Type. 

The Bold Type

This show is available on Hulu or freeform. It is about 3 best friends who live in NY and work for a magazine called Scarlet. I’m obsessed! I love the whole dynamic of the show and the way their friendships are portrayed.


Another great show. Dynasty is available to watch on Netflix and season 4 is currently streaming live on the CW. It follows the lives of two wealthy families, the Carringtons and the Colby’s, and it is primarily told through Fallon Carrington’s perspective. She builds her own empire and this show gives off so much women empowerment, I love it!

Gilmore Girls

If you haven’t watched this yet, stop what you are doing and put this on your TV immediately. This honestly is one of my favorite shows EVER. I have rewatched this about 10x’s easy. This show follows the life of Lorelai and Rory, a mother and daughter who live in a very small town. You see how Rory grows up and all the drama that unfolds. It is seriously addicting and the love stories are GREAT. 


I’m sure you’ve already watched this because I don’t think I’ve met someone who hasn’t, but I still have to add it to the list for those who have been deprived or have horrible friends that haven’t told you about this show. It’s like gossip girl and 50 Shades of Grey meets the 1800s in the streets of London, or shall I say cobblestones.

Firefly Lane

Firefly Lane is a heartfelt drama about two women who grew up together in very different homes and how their lives turn out to be side by side but through trials and tribulations. Only one season but such a good show, made me enjoy being sick in bed as I binged this in one day!


If anyone asks me what’s my favorite Netflix original show, I am still saying ELITE!!! There are 3 seasons and season 4 just came out. It may not catch your attention at first because it’s a Spanish show, but all you have to do is change the language to English and unlike other voiceovers that just don’t mesh with the characters THIS IS REALLY GOOD. I actually understand Spanish and enjoyed it in English. Also if you’re on the first episode and not entertained TRUST ME KEEP WATCHING, IT IS SCANDALOUS. It’s a murder mystery but also like Gossip Girl setting (prep school vibes with lots of scandals). Thank me later. 

Dead To Me

This is a great dark comedy, about two women whose paths cross due to one tragic accident, both hiding secrets but might tear them apart or bring them together. Still very funny though, love the sarcastic witty humor! There are 2 seasons, and also a Netflix original.

Queen Of The South

This is a great show to binge on as there are 4 seasons on Netflix and 1 currently airing. This is also something your boyfriend would enjoy if you have one, if not YGG too! It’s about drug cartels in Mexico and a badass woman! 


This is a hidden gem! There are only 3 seasons and it was canceled after. Every season is hilarious, dramatic, and suspenseful! It’s about a con artist and if I tell you more I might ruin it for you, but she just has people wrapped around her finger until she blindsides them.


This Netflix original, makes me smile, laugh, and my heart melt. It takes you through the life of a funny autistic high schooler and his life at home and in the real world! There 3 seasons to binge and the 4th coming soon to Netflix!

Money Heist

Ok, this is another show like Elite that people may turn an eye to because it’s a Spanish show, but the voice-over and storyline on this are AMAZING! The title describes the show already, so no need to explain. A dramatic, suspenseful, funny, and unpredictable show! 


If you’re into shows that are set in the early decades, this is a great drama you need to add to the list that will keep you entertained for a while, as there are 5 seasons! They keep making more so obviously it’s good. It’s about a woman during WWII who time travels one night back to the 1700s and lives a whole life that she will never be able to shake off. 

Ginny & Georgia

Such a great, fun, dramatic heartfelt show about a mother and daughter relationship that holds secrets and changes as they move to a new town, where their baggage follows. Patiently waiting for season 2!

Selling Sunset

If you love expensive real estate, beautiful women, and drama… you must watch! Reality Netflix original show!

Never Have I Ever

This show is SO funny. It’s about a young Indian-American girl who wants to change her social life at her high school, after an embarrassing accident. I laughed at every episode! Only one binge-worthy season, but season 2 is coming in July! Mark your calendars! 

What If

This is a dark-twisted Netflix original show, that will keep you on the edge of your couch and will take you for a loop! It’s about a couple whose relationship is tested when an older woman enters their life with a proposition. Very scandalous and an ending I would have never seen coming! Only one season, but that’s all it needed!

Sex Education

Another HILARIOUS show! It’s based in London, so how can you resist a funny comedy-drama with British accents? Impossible. It’s about a young high school boy who is new to sex and trying to navigate his sexuality and high school life.  


Musical drama series… yes your high school musical dreams are coming true in your adult life! 

The One

This is a murder mystery drama. Only one season and a surprisingly good show! It’s about a woman who creates a way to find your match by genetically matching DNA in a database. Along with this huge new scientific discovery come lies, deceit, love, and drama! 

There’s nothing better than a good show that you can binge-watch while you cook, work or do anything. These are definitely my favorite shows to date but of course, new shows are always coming out so I will be updating them as I watch them all.  

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